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On-going Programs

For more information about the floods of 2010 and our work to support rehabilitation, see WWW.LADAKHRELIEF.ORG.

For more information about international programs, see the Global Classroom Initiative page.

Women and Children's Development Program

Women from some of the most remote village in the region designed this integrated program over 10 years ago. Itís a holistic program addressing all things in the womenís lives: global climate changes affecting their agricultural self-sufficiency, nutritional/developmental deficiencies in 0-14 year-olds in their villages, lack of local incomes, womenís health and illiteracy, animal husbandry and disability, especially in their children.

In many villages, the womenís coops have created greenhouses and established new crops (income, nutrition and crop diversification). In others, they support the Ability Network to support their disabled children. Others focus on building solar heated learning spaces. And many have linked together through Women United to market products in Leh and beyond.

Womenís Coops spawned Girlís Coops; businesses for uneducated young women, radically and positively changing their status in their home villages. And then Kids Coops were formed, with school children becoming greenhouse owners; better nutrition, an enjoyable way to learn maths and physics and a way to help kids keep their farming heritage alive all rolled into one.

The women havenít run out of ideas on where their community development will go next. They continue to support each other, their families and HI through sharing knowledge with other villages and testing programs and education materials for us.

Future Leaders

The program began to allow young Ladakhis from the remotest and most disadvantaged villages in Ladakh, who have been forced to end their own schooling to take responsibility for their extended families, to join our team for 3 years. During this time they worked with us on all our projects, gaining practical skills in community development, while we helped them complete their education (from university schooling to electronics to bakery school).

At the end of their internship, we help our young people gain jobs in the government system, where they can support change from within.

Our Future Leaders have a Youth Council within the HI Membership and from that Council operate Residential Camps for disadvantaged children and youth, produce high quality learning videos and movies for HI and our Government partners and support our international exchanges with partner schools in Canada and Delhi.

Life Skills Education

HEALTH Inc is continuing this 14-year program as the only NGO in the region providing universal access to information and literacy in all the 3 languages of Ladakh.

And LSE is going digital - podcasting with Canadian schools, helping Ladakhi children tell their own stories in the Many Voices One World project. This year the project will introduce peer-to-peer internet learning.

Whether a picture book set for illiterate farmers who are growing vegetables at altitudes over 4,000 meters (over 13,000 feet), an adolescent health game discussing high-risk behaviors, or a children's comic book about disabled kids, our materials reach an audience of over 125,000 in Ladakh, and tens of thousands of others through partnerships across northern India.

LSE's 'go digital'creates a wide variety of video based learning materials, computer materials (such as 'talking books') and puts digital and video cameras into our model
government schools, allowing children to
make their own books - curricular and
much, much more.

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In 2010 we started a program with a group of volunteers from Microsoft Research, who are helping our Future Leaders gain movie-making and storytelling skills and documenting therapidly vanishing cultural heritage of Ladakh.

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