Creating partnerships for a better tomorrow
The HELP Inc Fund

The HELP Fund serves as our global partnership, linking South Asian project partners with North American and European Union schools, institutions and groups. It also serves as our registered not-for-profit, non-government agency (NGO) in the USA.

The HELP Fund is mandated to support sustainable change through global partnership within health, environment and literacy programs. Children share energy lessons between India and Alberta. Ladakhi youth visit Indian and Canadian high schools to improve their IT skills, while sharing climate change concepts from a Himalayan point of view. A Child Health team from North America works with a new paediatric handicapped unit in Ladakh. And school drop outs work with Microsoft Bangalore volunteers to document the vanishing cultural heritage of their valley.

The HELP Fund believes that these partnerships result in more rich and enduring experiences. While creating authentic learning opportunities, the service concept is ingrained, the value of cultural diversity understood and a wide range of learning materials is produced and shared around the world.

Take a look at some of the materials produced by Ladakhi children and youth over the past year.


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