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The HELP Fund - HEALTH Inc believes our future lies in communities empowered to make change. We envision people improving their lives by working and learning together toward sustainable change, enabling others to follow and, together, contributing to a better world.

HF-HI's mission is to nuture community-based social innovation and entrepeneurs through global partnerships for change. We serve marginalised people through supporting access to the information, building human capacity and creating local and global networks that allow people to make informed decisions about their future.

The HELP Fund - HEALTH Inc is a not-for-profit organisation in India and USA, partnering with Registered Societies and 501 (c) (3)'s in those countries, Canada and the UK. We were born of a desire to 'do development differently', maintain transparency and accountability, and use our financial resources effectively and efficiently. We adhere to those desires as fiercely as we do our vision and mission.

We take pride in our small, flexible projects, which are managed by local partners, and always in receipt of matching grants from local partners' groups. We aren't very fancy: we don't have an office or office-based staff, we don't own a single vehicle, we don't post out fundraising flyers to get contributions.

We do have a high presence in all communities where we have projects. We have highly qualified members and volunteers, with years of success in development. And we have great stories of dreams realised.

Most of HI funders are friends of our projects. They've known our work for years, they visit the projects they support and they offer the highest quality human resource input and invaluable networking.

We are still in process of uploading all our accounts to the web.
Here are the 2010 HF - HI accounts.

Just a few things your funds accomplished:

  • 2 Future Leader Exchanges with 8 participants benefitting over 500 Canadian and Indian youth.
  • 3 Teachers Exchanges helping 16 Indian teachers.
  • 1 model computer centre at a remote village school.
  • Opening of the 1st Paedicatric Handicapped Unit in Leh.
  • 2 Girls' Social Enterprises
  • 2 Youth Camps for 124 children.
  • 5 Education Fairs for over 80 teachers and 400 students.
  • 1 film on sustainable agriculture.
  • Mental Health and Trauma services for over 2000.
  • 3 new books and 19 short videos.
  • Flood relief and rehabilitation for 11 villages and 2 district-wide projects serving over 8000 persons.

Just a few things your funds can accomplish this year:

$50 / £ 32 to spare: We'll give an OP seeds kit to a disabled youth or Kids' Coop to plant their income-generating garden or greenhouse in Ladakh, India

$100 / £ 64 to spare: Prevent Mother-to-Child transmition of HIV/AIDs or hep B for one innocent child through our Mother's Health Project in Ladakh.
$250 /£ 162 to spare: Send a Future Leader to university or vocational training through the Global Classroom Initiative where they'll earn a degree or work with skilled mentors improving skills needed in their home village. It changes the Leader's life, and the lives of many in their village.

$500 /£ 320 to spare: Co-sponsor a skilled professional mentor to serve in one of our Members' 2012 projects. Next year we need support for Occupational and mental health therapists (for the Paediatric Handicapped Unit) and Hockey coaches (for the Future Leaders' Winter Camp for needy kids).
Projects in Need of Funders:

Education Fairs: Sponsor this year's 5 Science, Maths and Languages Education Fairs with US $1,100 /£ 700 and transform the learning lives of over 500 kids and teaching capacity of 80 teachers, who exchange ideas and learn new inquiry techniques.

Mental Health and Trauma Services: An investment of $900 /£ 580 allows the Project to subsidise psychopharmaceuticals and provide care to all mental health clients in remote villages.
Summer and Winter Camps for Kids: Co-sponsor a multi-week, residential camp for children from villages devastated by the 2010 floods, where kids play games and ice skate, learn computer and language skills, and study traditions from village elders with a sponsorship of $230 / £136 for 10 children for 2 weeks.

Let's Learn! Publishing: As the only tri-lingual publisher in Ladakh, the team is always in need of groups to sponsor the printing of a much-valued children's book for school libraries. Each title costs $1300 / £ 920 for 2000 copies - enough for every school and learning group in both districts of Ladakh, India.
Volunteers and Equipment Needed:
HI is looking for volunteers to upload newsletters to our websites, to teach computer skills in Ladakh and to coordinate equipment donations (and getting them to India).
Many Voices One World: Children exchanging stories between Canada and India are in need of flip and Kodak Zi cameras, PC laptops and audio recording devices.
If you would like to support the work of HEALTH Inc, please make contact with your nearest office:

For 2010-2011 Health, Education, Youth and Agriculture projects

PO Box 33
Leh, Ladakh HC
194 101 J&K

Donations in Indian Rupees and from within India only

Cheques payable to HEALTH Inc.

Swift code information:
Click here

For HELP Fund Projects (Health, Environment and Literacy Fund)

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
1900 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

Checks payable to the HELP Fund.

Donate on line through:
CFGM Website

For Flood Relief Projects:

HEALTH Inc. Flood Relief
Omprakash Foundation
112 Rosebrook Road
New Canaan, CT 06840

Checks payable to Omprakash and add a memo: HEALTH Inc.

Donate on line through:
Om Prakash Website

For Flood Relief Projects

Health Inc
c/o 5 Owlstone Road

Cheques payable to HART and mark your envelope "Ladakh Relief"


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Your kind contributions may be eligible for tax relief. Your local office will advise you.

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