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"I can see butsig [germs] on your hands. You wash them."
A 6 year-old who knows about Padma and Amina, and those nasty germs, from our book.

We believe language is key: Key to maintaining a culture, key to education, key to accessing information and key to changing lives.

We remain the only organisation supporting publishing of educational materials in the 3 locally-used languages of Ladakh. We support HIís Future Leaders to make their own dramas and movies, which reflect their oral culture and are used by NGOs and Government departments to educate on topics as varied as sustainable agriculture and mental health.

We support children in using technology (from crayons to digital cameras) to tell their own stories. We work with students in classes around the world who are making their own books, movies and learning materials and exchanging them with each other. And learning more from the experience than from what any conventional book could offer.
HI has a recognised book team of Urdu and Bodyig scholars, educators and authors and illustrators. Our film team was trained by professionals from around the world and consist of a group of local youth who really understand how to convey messages. Our international members and partners contribute expertise. And we can call on outside scholars for their input on a regular basis.

All of our books and films are created alongside villagers or the school kids who will use them. Itís expert input and editing before we publish and results in the highest quality products. In fact, our education materials have been copied and used in Peru, Romania, Uganda, Tibet, Nepal and inner-city schools in North America.

Our books remain copyright-free and we make sure they are freely available to all schools and clinics across the region, where just a few years ago not one book in the local language could be found. Any information we develop is freely available to be copied and used, and can be downloaded from the web through our site and Omprakash.

A few of our books are available here; others through, and more will be added in the furue.

You can download examples of HEALTH Inc's books, print and use them in your programmes
Or use them as a framework to make your own education, agriculture or health resources. We ask that your credit the book's team.
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