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"You are the first people who come to the village and are just like us: your interns are from remote villages too.
You sit on the bus next to us. That gave us the confidence to believe we could achieve our goals."
Evaluation from Tar women

HEALTH Inc was founded in 1992 to undertake work in Tibetan refugee camps in restricted areas which receive little international aid. It now works mostly with indigenous peoples across the western Himalaya, focusing on the people of remote villages in Ladakh. In 2006, the original HI divided to form the HELP Inc Fund and HI India, with the HELP Inc Fund focusing on the global and HI focusing on the Himalayas.

HEALTH Inc, a Registered Society in Jammu and Kashmir, is mandated to provide access to information, build skills and support the networking that allows people to control their own development. As an example, we don't build a school; we build the skills and connections that help disempowered people create a sustainable education system in their village. We donít provide health camps, we help local people create the health services they want within local government programs.

HI is an all-volunteer NGO; we have no paid staff. Our members design and implement the projects that will serve their villages or help the entire district in which they live. This allows us to remain small, fast, flexible and highly responsive to local needs. And itís not "We spent a great deal of time working in the villages"; rather, its "We are from the villages and live there."

We work in full partnership with local government departments and often our work is channeled through them. We may one day leave the Himalayas, but its Governments never will.

For more information about our work in Ladakh, visit our project pages.


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